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Services Bespoke Design provides:

  1. Space Planning
  2. Moods Boards
  3. Site measurements
  4. Detail Drawings
  5. 3 D Views
  6. Modular Kitchen
  7. Single Room Design
  8. Design Consultation
  9. Vendor Management
  10. Civil Work
  11. Electrical
  12. Ceiling design 
  13. Bathrooms
  14. Decor Selection
  15. Design Consultation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Bespoke Design do?
We provide custom made design
according to the clients requirement, time line and budget.

How do I book Bespoke Design?
Click on the contact us tab on the top right corner. Drop us a mail with your layout and requirement, we will contact you within 24 hrs,

What kind of material we use?
We do not compromise on the material quality and use premium quality for all sites.

What does the first estimate consists of ?
The first estimate consists of price analyzed on the bases of the floor plan provided by you and the requirement mentioned by you. 
It is subject to change if the site measurements differ or if the requirements advance.

What service does Bespoke Design provide?
Bespoke design provides full home design service.
 >Learn more. 

Will Bespoke design just provide design?
Yes, Bespoke Design also provides just design to clients.
at a reasonable price

Will Bespoke Design just do one room?
Yes, Bespoke Design can design just a single room also for you.

How do I make payments to Bespoke Design?
At Bespoke Design we accept cheques, online transfer or through credit or debit card.
Account details for online transfer will be provided accordingly.